One of the many unique reasons why we remain the number one hub for fresh organic chicken meat to our esteem client, is because of our highly professional internal process and Healthy Hygiene management system of raising our broilers for day-old chick to 6-8weeks point of sales.

Our bird’s source is from years tested, reliable & reputable hatchery companies, so from birth to point of sales we ensure that everything is 100% organic couple with our high ratio of protein, amino acid, lycine , methionine, calorie and Vitamin A, B2, D3, B12 and K feeds component make our chicken meat-rich & healthy for both home or commercial consumption
To ensure we are on track in line with our quality control policies, we always scale our birds Examined, evaluate & calculate their weight gain for acquiring data to enable our management team to have insight, make and take accurate progressive management decision for mutual benefits for us as an organization and to our esteemed clients.